Passive Income NFTs

Passive Income NFTs Article

Pictures that pay you every 7 hours


NFTs, like all speculative assets, are subjective in value. That value relies purely upon the individual NFT itself, should demand dry up, there is nothing preventing an NFT from dropping to 0 or the market from becoming completely illiquid.


Passive income NFTs automatically take a portion of the initial NFT sale and utilize these funds to buy and stake GURU, an algorithmic currency backed by real world assets currently delivering over 18k% APY. This yield accrues to the NFT owner; they can claim a portion every rebase (7 hours) or burn the NFT at any time to redeem all the staked GURU.
This results in:
  • NFTs that deliver passive income every 7 hours
  • NFTs that have a guaranteed backed floor price
  • NFTs that have a value that is perpetually growing i.e older NFTs likely to be more valuable (due to yield accrual)
How does this help NidhiDAO?
We theorize there is a cap on how many people will be willing to learn about GURU, staking, bonding and how it all works. We don’t know what this number is yet, Olympus has around 80k stakers, Time 250k, and the total active DeFi users are currently at around 3 million.
NFTs seem to attract a whole different demographic and are more easily understood, potentially only capped to the number of internet users. Everyone can understand them (picture look rare, buy picture). This could open up GURU to a different segment of users (picture give passive income, buy picture).
In addition to this wider user base every NFT created and sold via the platform results in buy pressure for the token and locks away supply via staking (potentially more permanently than ordinary staking).
This however does not change NidhiDAO’s goal.
Our goal is to acquire 1 Trillion Dollars worth of Tangible Assets in our treasury, on-chain, within 10 Years.
Passive income NFTs are simply one way we’re increasing the rate of adoption for staking, in pursuit of this goal.